Wireless Nurse Call Stations 14inch TFT Display Screen

HTM Display Screens

The HTM Wireless Nurse Call is a sophisticated, yet simple to operate reliable and durable wireless nurse call system. The range offers a fully configurable system that not only meets current requirements but also provides the flexibility to meet future nurse call needs.

The Display Screens are durable visual displays with full function software.

Product code: N/CH/HTM
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Wireless Nurse Call Systems HTM Call Point with Pull Cord

HTM Pendants and Door Contacts

The HTM Wireless Nurse Call – Pendants and Door Contacts are fully compatible with the Wireless Nurse Call range and have a usable range of over 300m.

Product code: N/CH/HTM
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Wireless-Nurse Call Systems HTM Door Transmitter

HTM Call Points

The HTM Call Point comes as either a pull cord or pear push lead for ease of use.

Product code: N/CH/HTM
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Wireless Nurse Call System HTM Pager

HTM Pagers

Our HTM Wireless Nurse Call Pagers are ideal for sleeping night staff or senior staff that only need to be alerted in an emergency situation.

The pagers can also be used in conjunction with the Call-logging software as an internal message system. Typed messages can be sent to individual or all pagers, this is ideal for contacting a staff member without having to walk around looking for them.

Product code: N/CH/MED
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Nurse Call Systems HTM Accessories

HTM Accessories

The HTM Wireless Nurse Call range comes with a set of accessories from Call logging devices to signal boosters.

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Product code: Various
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