F/CHEV/SYN/BGUEvacuator Synergy Call Point
F/CHEV/SYN/BSEvacuator Synergy Base Station
F/CHEV/SYN/HDEvacuator Synergy Heat Detector
F/CHEV/SYN/SDEvacuator Synergy Smoke Detector
F/CHEV/SYN/GSMEvacuator Synergy GSM dialler

The Evacuator RF wireless site alarm requires no cabling and can be wirelessly interconnected with up to 40 call point, sounder/strobe and detection Synergy RF devices within a single system. The base station acts as the systems control panel, featuring a screen to display when the system is in test or alarm state and monitors all linked devices in case of low battery. Each linked site alarm, including the base station, is given a numerical “address” allowing the triggered device to be easily identified.

  • Category 1 radio module
  • Independently tested to ETSI-300-220-1
  • CE RoHs and EMC Compliant
  • 25mm Bright LED display unit
  • Scratch resistant UV decals
  • 85dB buzzer
  • 40 Addressable zones
  • Automatic battery low indication
  • Completely wireless operation (No mains required)
  • ‘Plug and play’ Simple Self installation
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Silent range test
  • Battery Powered
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