The Grove Ultra LED twinspot is ideal for use in area with high ceilings or areas requiring high emergency lux levels- The Grove Ultra gives 1800 lumen output in the emergency mode!

Product code: E/GROVE/ULTRA
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GU32 IP65 Twinspot spotlight

GU32 IP65 LED Twinspot

Introducing the new and improved GU32 twinspot, now IP65 rated! Everything our customers loved about the previous model is still there – great value for money, robust design, and an impressive Lumen output- but now with the additional selling point of the aforementioned IP rating and a sleeker design.

Product code: E/GU32/IP65
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Channel Grove LED Twinspot IP20

Grove IP20 LED Twinspot

The Grove IP20 LED twin spot utilises 120 LED’s with a running wattage of 20W per fitting.

Product code: E/GR/NM3/LED
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Channel Grove LED Twinspot IP65

Grove 2 IP65 LED Twinspot – Now with remote control option

The new IP65 750lm Grove boasts a smaller footprint and overall weight than it’s predecessor. Now with Remote Infra-Red Testing Facility

Product code: E/GR/NM3/LED/IP65/RC
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GU32 Budget LED Twinspot

The new GU32 LED Twinspot offers value for money with superb photometric performance.

Product code: E/GU32
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