LED Exit Sign – Forest
Product Code: E/CHFO/

Lightbulb Wattage IP
LED 4.2W 32m IP40
Light Source  Wattage Viewing Distance  IP Rating

The Forest LED Exit Sign utilises LED technology with the added advantage of ‘self-test’ operation for low-cost, high power, emergency illumination.

Please note that Forest Fittings are supplied with fixing brackets and a hanging chain as standard. Ceiling and flag pole mounting options are available – please see accessories tab.

  • Self-test operation as standard to BS EN 62034
  • Low running costs
  • Uses 28 white LEDs
  • Long life LED technology
  • Lightweight & easy to install
  • Maintained or non-maintained 3 hour emergency backup (can be switched to non-maintained if required)
  • Double sided legend, supplied as standard with arrow up
  • Mounting brackets available in white metal, brass, chrome or satin
  • Supplied with hanging chains and fixing bracket as standard
  • Incorporates 4.8V NiMH battery
  • Low environmental impact
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Meets BS EN 60598-2-2 and other relevant standards
  • E/CHFO/M3/L/WHST | Forest LED 3 hour maintained in white complete with 1m chain kit
  • E/CHFO/M3/L/BRST | Forest LED 3 hour maintained in brass complete with 1m chain kit
  • E/CHFO/M3/L/CHST | Forest LED 3 hour maintained in chrome complete with 1m chain kit
  • E/CHFO/M3/L/SAST | Forest LED 3 hour maintained in satin complete with 1m chain kit


  • E/CHFO/CPB/WH | Forest white ceiling pole bracket – poles are 280mm (not inc threads)
  • E/CHFO/CPB/BR | Forest brass ceiling pole bracket – poles are 280mm (not inc threads)
  • E/CHFO/CPB/SI | Forest satin/silver ceiling pole bracket – poles are 280mm (not inc threads)
  • E/CHFO/WMB/WH | Forest white wall mounting bracket
  • E/CHFO/WMB/BR | Forest brass wall mounting bracket
  • E/CHFO/WMB/SI | Forest satin silver wall mounting bracket
  • E/CHFO/FMB/WH | Forest white flag mounting bracket
  • E/CHFO/FMB/BR | Forest brass flag mounting bracket
  • E/CHFO/FMB/SI | Forest satin silver flag mounting bracket


  • S/LEG/FO/AU | Double sided arrow up legend for Forest (insert only)
  • S/LEG/FO/ALR | Double sided arrow left/right for Forest (insert only)
  • S/LEG/FO/AD | Double sided arrow down legend for Forest (insert only)


  • B/BATT/FO/VL/NIMH | Battery for forest