Central Battery Systems

Channel can supply a comprehensive range of systems of which just a small selection is shown here. Channel can provide engineered solutions tailored to customers specific requirements. Central Systems off er solutions where all power charging circuits and batteries are centrally located and all luminaires are connected via protected cabling.

  • Unique design cubicles allow easy access for installers
  • Removable covers enable installation in confi ned space
  • Separate battery and charger compartments
  • Removable charging chassis in case of modifi cation
  • Contractors to BS5424 or BS764
  • Battery options: Flat Plate Lead Acid, Plante Lead Acid, Nickel Cadmium, Valve
  • Regulated Sealed Lead Acid
  • 24v, 50v, 110v DC variants
  • Wide range of Slave Luminaires
When lead acid and nickel cadmium wet cells are being charged they give off a potentially explosive mixture of oxygen and hydrogen.

Always ensure adequate ventilation when installing equipment in confined areas and display signs warning against smoking and naked flames.