iD-Mesh Wireless DALI Emergency Lighting Testing System
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We are proud to introduce our new iD-Mesh wireless DALI emergency lighting testing system.
iD-Mesh offers a cost effective solution which overcomes the issue of installing a data network.
Each emergency light is incorporated in to a wireless data network and forms part of the transmit/receive mesh.

System monitoring & reports are all via the cloud and can be viewed on any internet connected device. This ensures that your emergency lighting is functioning & compliancy data is available. Any issues are immediately reported advising the exact location & nature of the fault, ensuring a first time fix.

We are able to offer a wide range of iD-Mesh compatible emergency lights; the most popular are shown below.

  • Each iD-Mesh hub can control up to 239 lights
  • Multiple –iD-Mesh hubs can be used to create systems WITH NO LIMIT ON SIZE
  • ID-Mesh hubs have a range of up to 500m line of sight and up to 100m within a building
  • The iD-Mesh wireless nodes can be fitted in to any suitable DALI emergency light
  • The nodes have an approximate range of 50m
  • The mesh technology enables all nodes to both receive & transmit data to the hub, this ensures that signals have multiple paths to/from the node.
  • Each hub reports to the cloud platform which can be viewed at any location via a web browser
  • Persistent gateways mean that if communication is lost, data is stored until communication is re-established.
  • Transmits at Long Range 868Mhz
  • Commissioning & system changes are carried out using an “iD-Mesh Works” robust tablet
  • The iD-Mesh Works tablet builds the mesh at the push of a button

Exit Signs

  • E/EXDA/1/ID** | DALI Maintained/Non-Maintained Recessed mounted LED Exit Sign-White ** add AU, AD, ALR
  • E/EXDA/2/ID** | DALI Maintained/Non-Maintained surface mounted LED Blade Exit Sign-White ** add AU, AD, ALR
  • E/EXDA/3/ID** | DALI Maintained/Non-Maintained Suspended mounted LED Exit Sign-White ** add AU, AD, ALR
  • E/EXDA/4/ID** | DALI emergency Maintained/Non-Maintained IP65 3w exit sign c/w full legend pack
  • E/EXDA/5/ID** | DALI Maintained/Non-Maintained Wall mounted LED Exit Sign-White c/w full legend pack


  • E/DLDA/1/ID/** | DALI Emergency 3w Circular LED surface mounted ** add OA/CO lens
  • E/DLDA/2/ID/** | DALI Emergency 3w Square LED surface mounted ** add OA/CO lens
  • E/DLDA/3/ID/** | DALI 3w LED emergency Downlight-Open Area Lens- ** add OA/CO lens


  • E/BHDA/ID/1 | DALI Emergency 2w LED DALI Emergency Bulkhead Non-Maintained 288 Lumens-Clear lens
  • E/BHDA/ID/2 | DALI 3W IP65 bulkhead


  • E/TSDA/ID/1 | DALI IP65 6w LED Twinspot Emergency providing 610 Lumen output

Ceiling Light

  • E/SOHO/M3//ID/DA | DALI Soho 21w maintained ceiling light

Control Equipment

  • E/ID/MESH/HUB | WiFi Hub – Controls up to 239 lights
  • E/ID/MESH/WORKS | ID-Mesh system tablet used to commission & amend the system
  • E/ID/MESH/NODE | WiFi Node – fitted to suitable DALI light