Apollo Soteria Dimension – Flat “No Chamber” Optical Smoke Detector

Apollo EN54 Various EEA
System  Approval Weights  Conformity

SOTERIA® Dimension is a range of sleek, flat optical fire detectors for flush mounting, using chamberless fire detection technology. The new range consists of an Optical Detector designed for commercial environments with high aesthetic requirements and a Specialist Optical Detector, designed for custodial and care environments. Both detectors are flush mounted with a Mounting Box.

Ideal for use where aesthetics are a prime consideration. The flat finish to the detector allows for an unobtrusive installation.

The specialist version offers a robust, vandal resistant smoke detector. It can be installed to avoid ligature points and is used in prisons, medical facilities or areas where a low profile, discrete anti vandal detector is required.

  • Sleek, flat design for flush mounting
  • Unique chamberless fire detection technology
  • Intelligent sensing of foreign and transient objects to reduce false alarms
  • Ideal for anti-ligature use, low visual impact and anti-tamper uses
    • FL2100-600APO | Soteria Dimension Optical Detector
    • FL6100-600APO  | Soteria Dimension Specialist Optical Detector
    • FL5000-200APO  | Soteria Dimension Mounting Box