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As we all know, LED technology is rapidly taking over the lighting business, providing not only an attractive alternative to its conventional counterparts but also proving to provide long term savings in energy and subsequent replacement costs.
In addition to energy savings, LEDs in general illumination applications provide longer operating life (in the region of up to 50,000 hours), directionality, compact size, ease of control and dimmability compared to incumbent technologies they replace.
The LED has many benefits that should be highlighted to customers during a site survey, such as:-

· Reduced air conditioning costs as LED lights have a lower heat output
· LED lights last longer than conventional lighting
· They create less waste and boast more easily recycled components
· Cost saving over a longer period of time
· The LED pros outweigh the cons when it comes to choosing efficient, cost effective lighting solutions for commercial, residential or industrial properties.

Here at Channel we have a great range of emergency lighting including LED Exit Signs, LED Bulkheads, LED Twinspots, LED Downlights and we offer bespoke emergency lighting systems for projects where a standard application would not be suitable.
Included in our emergency lighting range we now stock our new i-Monitor Emergency Light Testing System which is a comprehensive DALI based testing and reporting system all controlled via one standard iPad.
The majority of our emergency lighting comes as either 3 hour maintained and non-maintained and is also available with self-test mode and pictograms.