Quantec – Pull Cords and Tail Leads

Product Code: Various

Wired 1 Year Easy EEA
System  Guarantee Installation  Conformity

Quantec is a powerful yet easy to use addressable call system that helps ensure vital communication throughout a building. The way the system operates can be tailored to suit a care facility’s specific requirements with different day, night and call divert arrangements easily accommodated to meet the exact operational needs and precise layout of any building. Designed in conjunction with the NHS.

The Quantec Pull Cord will generate a standard level call when a resident ‘pulls’ the cord, these are most commonly used in bathrooms. Please note that they have no on board reset function so a remote reset point is required.

The Tail Call Lead buttons comprise a pear-shaped push, a lead and a plug that connects it to a call point’s remote socket.

  • Multiple call levels including standard, en suite, help required, emergency, attack, presence & attendance
  • Tailored to suit a site’s exact operational requirements
  • Call accept feature
  • Automatic call divert
  • Illuminates over door lights and corridor lights
  • Staff attendance allows staff entering rooms to log their ‘attendance’ via an infra-red call point or ceiling receiver
  • Call follower sounders (optional)
  • Night mode allows Quantec to work in a totally different way at night, providing for fewer staff and reduced sound levels
  • Infra-red staff protection helps protect staff against disturbed patients, intruders and aggressive visitors
  • ‘Surveyor’ data analysis software allows to output custom reports
  • Optional paging facilities (DECT telephone capability also available)
  • Low maintenance time and costs
  • Laptop programmable system controller
  • No expensive rewiring, no mess and no fuss
  • Easy to install & expand
  • Minimising disturbance

  • N/QT607 | Quantec ceiling pull cord unit


  • N/CH/805C/6 | 6ft (1.8m) tail call lead
  • N/CH/805/14 | 14ft (4.2m) tail call lead
  • N/CH/805/25 | 25ft (7.62m) lead cable (pear push)
  • Nursecall
  • Dementia Care
  • Staff Protection
  • Emergency Assistance
  • Cell Call
  • Affray Locations
  • Care Homes
  • Hospitals
  • GP Surgeries
  • Hotels
  • Leisure Centres
  • Shops
  • Offices
  • Factories