HARK – Disabled Toilet Alarm Kit

Product Code: N/HARK/

1 Year Easy EEA
Guarantee Installation  Conformity

The Hark Help and Assistance Response Kit (Toilet Alarm Kit) is simple to install and provides peace of mind wherever an indication of ‘assistance required’ is called for. Meeting the BS Standard requirement for all disabled toilets to be fitted with an emergency toilet alarm Hark is the only option.

Our system provides a simple to install, compliant, reliable and easy to use solution.

  • Sounder within the reset unit to give audible reassurance that assistance is on the way
  • Braille text on the reset unit
  • Only 3 points to install on a standard system
  • Can be simply linked to other systems
  • Assists in ensuring compliance with the DDA, BS8300 & other care standards
  • Simple to expand
  • Multi-way remote indicator units available
  • Twin pull cord rings supplied
  • Disabled Persons sticker supplied


  • N/HARK/1 | Complete kit with pull cord, reset, PSU/Indicator


  • N/HARK/1/PB | HARK 1 push button


  • N/HARK/1/PC | HARK 1 pull cord


  • N/HARK/1/PSU | HARK 1 power supply unit


  • N/HARK/1/RS | HARK 1 reset unit

(special engraving available P.O.A)

  • N/HARK/RI/1 | HARK 1-way indicator unit
  • N/HARK/RI/2 | HARK 2-way indicator unit
  • N/HARK/RI/3 | HARK 3-way indicator unit
  • N/HARK/RI/4 | HARK 4-way indicator unit
  • N/HARK/RI/5 | HARK 5-way indicator unit
  • N/HARK/RI/6 | HARK 6-way indicator unit
  • N/HARK/RI/7 | HARK 7-way indicator unit
  • N/HARK/RI/8 | HARK 8-way indicator unit
  • N/HARK/RI/9 | HARK 9-way indicator unit
  • N/HARK/RI/10 | HARK 10-way indicator unit
  • N/HARK/RI/11 | HARK 11-way indicator unit

The Help Alarm Response Kit can be linked to a remote multi-way indicator panel (for use in a reception or staffed area). A 12 volt relay unit can be used to interface the unit to a wide range of equipment such as:-

  • BMS
  • Fire alarms
  • Intruder Alarms
  • Paging transmitters
  • Additional pull cord units can be added to the system to allow for larger rooms or multi area coverage. Please note that additional pull cords will operate and be reset by the same unit as the initial pull cord.

We can also provide refuge systems to include the HARK Disabled toilet alarm – please contact sales for further information.