Channel Call System – Pull Cord and Tail Leads

Product Code: N/CH/8

Wired 1 Year Easy EEA
System  Guarantee Installation  Conformity

The Channel Nurse Call System is a wired system where individual devices are connected to the main control panel which when activated, will indicate the exact location of an “event”.

The Channel Call System ceiling Pull Cord generates a standard level call when a resident ‘pulls’ the cord, these are most commonly used in bathrooms. Tail call leads are available in a variety of different lengths to suit different applications and consist of a pear-shaped push, a lead and a plug that connects it to a call point’s remote socket. 

  • Hard wired for total reliability – 4 to 6 core security cable is ideal for most installations
  • Wide range of indicator panels covering 1 to 90 zones
  • Extensive range of ancillaries including ceiling pulls, wall-mounting call points, monitoring points, water resistant alert points, over door lights, remote sounders, relays and call latch modules
  • Simple to install, easy to operate and highly reliable
  • All power supplies capable of 12V sealed lead acid battery charging
  • Two levels of call – standard (constant tone) and emergency (intermittent tone)
  • Can be used to help building managers and service providers comply with BS8300, the Equality / Disability Discrimination Act and the Care Standards Act

How does the Channel Nurse Call System work? 

Depending on the type of calling devices used, the system can be set up to operate as a standard system – on which standard (constant tone) calls are generated – or an emergency system – on which standard (constant tone) and emergency (intermittent tone) calls are generated.


  • N/CH/807C | Ceiling pull cord unit


  • N/CH/805D | 4-12ft (1.22m – 3.66m) tail call lead
  • N/CH/805C/6 | 6ft (1.8m) tail call lead
  • N/CH/805/14 | 14ft (4.2m) tail call lead
  • N/CH/805/25 | 25ft (7.62m) lead cable (pear push)
  • Nursecall
  • Dementia Care
  • Staff Protection
  • Emergency Assistance
  • Cell Call
  • Affray Locations
  • Care Homes
  • Hospitals
  • GP Surgeries
  • Hotels
  • Leisure Centres
  • Shops
  • Offices
  • Factories