HTM Call Points

Product Code: N/CH/HTM

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The HTM Call Points comes as either a pull cord or pear push lead for ease of use.

Call room units are wall mountable on a ABS Styrex bracket. They can be supplied with a pull-cord or pear push lead to suit all room types. Each bedroom room unit has twin normally open sockets for the pear-push lead and one other call trigger, these include pressure mats. epilepsy detectors, PIR triggers and many more.

There are many advantages of wireless nurse call systems as opposed to the conventional wired system, including:-

  • Lower cost and minimal disruption – Wireless nurse call systems are a highly cost-effective solution for monitoring the well-being of patient’s and ensures that their requirements are met as fast as possible to help avoid any unnecessary suffering or discomfort. This type of technology allows nurses to monitor different zones within a hospital environment and this can help reduce costs in terms of staffing.
  • Versatility – This form of technology is highly versatile and can be adaptable to most situations within a hospital or care home facility. Nurse call systems will act as the sort of early warning system that is necessary to improve patient safety records and ensure that patients are treated as quickly as possible.
  • Approved – HTM wireless nurse call system meets the requirements of the R&TT Directive and relevant sub directives such as EMC, low voltage and safety directive and carries the CE mark. No interferences with other equipment – This nurse call system has been safely installed in many hospitals hence it will not interfere with pacemakers as it has been subjected to the emissions tests as required and is safe to use. It will not interfere with any computers or network systems.
  • Range enhancement – In free air the signal will travel up to 1km. By using signal boosting equipment we can provide full coverage for any size care facility, even care villages and large hospitals.
  • Connectivity – Our wireless nurse call systems can be connected to an alarm in the nurse’s station, a personal computer with specialist software or to a mobile paging device, so when the patient or resident needs assistance, staff will be alerted to it wherever they are.
  • Temporary fitting – Whilst renovations are being undertaken a radio system can be installed in temporary premises. The system can then simply be boxed up and stored away for use at any time as a back up for any faulty existing systems.
  • N/CH/HTM6000 | HTM Call point
  • N/CH/HTM6001 | HTM Call point with pear push lead
  • N/CH/HTM6003 | HTM Call point with pull cord
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