Outreach Plates

Product Code: Various

1 Year Outreach Easy EEA
Guarantee  Compatible Installation  Conformity

Any amplifier marked with the ‘Outreach Compatible’ symbol is compatible with our unique Outreach Plate audio input extension system. This system allows the connection of multiple microphone or line level inputs via a range of single gang connector plates.

Carefully designed to cover the most common variants of audio connector (including XLR line, XLR mic., 3.5mm jack, dual phono and 1/4” jack), a maximum of 10 outreach plates (any mix) can be daisy chained to an amplifier’s Outreach socket using standard two pair audio cable such as Belden 8723 (or equivalent).

  • Provides max. square room coverage of 120m2 (11m x 11m) or max. rectangular room coverage of 250m2 (10m x 25m)
  • Straightforward internal screw connectors
  • Wall-mounting metal enclosure for permanent installation
  • Internal tamper-resistant drive, level and tone controls
  • One balanced/unbalanced microphone input
  • One balanced/unbalanced line level input
  • Alert tone switch input for doorbells, fi re alarms, security systems, etc
  • 100V line input for PA system connection
  • External loop drive current and power on LED indicators
  • Optional ‘outreach plate’ input extension system allows a greater variety of inputs to suit virtually any application
  • I/CH/APJ | 3.5mm mono jack plate for connection of CH/AMT, CH/AMH, CH/AML or CH/AMD microphones
  • I/CH/APL | Dual phono line level audio plate for connection of CH/APS SCART lead or other line level audio feeds
  • I/CH/APQM | 6.35mm stereo jack plate for connection of CH/AMR/L or H radio mic.
  • I/CH/APQL | 6.35mm stereo jack plate for the connection of line level feeds from mixing desks, etc.
  • I/CH/APXM | XLR mic level plate for connection of CH/AMP microphone
  • I/CH/APXL | XLR line level plate for connection of mixing desk line level feeds
  • I/CH/APM | Omni – directional plated microphone for wall/ceiling/desk mounting
  • I/CH/API | AFILS active indicator light
  • I/CH/APS | SCART to double phono lead (for use with I/CH/APL plate)
  • I/CH/BELDEN/25 | 25m of Belden 8723 audio cable