Counter Top Kits

Product Code: N/CHIL/

1 Year 1.5m2 Easy EEA
Guarantee  Listening Field Installation  Conformity

The Counter Top induction loop Kits are ideal for use in post offices, banks, building societies, ticket offices and reception areas

Comprising a compact wall-mounting double gang induction loop amplifier, a self-adhesive microphone and pre-formed counter loop, it can generate a loop listening field of 1.5m2 approx. making it ideal for counters, desktops and tables.

  • Double-gang wall-mounting I/CHIL/ML1 amplifier fits standard 25mm back boxes and is ideal for mounting under desks, counters or table tops
  • Fully compliant with EN60118-4 (formerly BS6083) and BS7594:1993
  • Installer-friendly design requires no specialist audio experience or connectors – the ML1 can be fitted by any competent electrician
  • Can be used to help building managers and service providers comply with BS8300, the Equality Act and the Care Standards Act
  • Dimensions 143mm(H) 83mm(W) 32mm(D)
  • Weight 300g (amplifier only)
I/CHIL/ML1/K kit includes:-

  • 1 x I/CHIL/ML1 wall-mounting induction loop amplifier
  • 1 x I/CHIL/AMT self-adhesive microphone
  • 1 x I/CHIL/TX2 pre-formed counter loop
  • 1 x I/CHIL/TEAR ‘loop fitted’ sticker
  • I/CHIL/ML1/K | Counter induction loop kit
  • I/CHIL/ML1 | 1.5m2 wall mounting double gang