Channel Orbital – Out Stations and Back Boxes

Product Code: R/CH/RCO/

1 Year Battery Easy EEA
Guarantee  Back up Installation  Conformity

A refuge system provides a means of calling for assistance in the event of an emergency. A designated “safe area” isolates exiting occupants from the effects of smoke and heat during a fire or emergency situation. The communication system allows the person in need to inform security of their location in the building and provides an area that are relatively safe places where people who cannot easily use fire escapes.

Most risk assessments show the need for a Refuge System, giving reassurance that the building management know of the occupants whereabouts during an emergency. The primary function of the Refuge Communication System is to provide a voice link between two points in a building.

The Disabled outstations and back boxes are available in two finishes and can be surface or flush mounted.

Outstations Faceplates

  • The green outstation faceplate is a photo luminescent front panel complete with Braille identification and tactile text. This unit has induction loop built in as standard
  • The stainless steel faceplate unit has a black screen print

Mounting options

  • Flush units are completed with a galvanised steel back box
  • Surface units are completed with a black leatherette finish back box and mild steel faceplate painted to RAL9001

A call is made by pressing the large momentary push button. This will illuminate the panel mounted ‘call registered’ red led, and initiate a conventional telephone call tone from the panel loudspeaker.

  • R/CH/RCO/H/GB | Green outstation faceplate (requires back box)
  • R/CH/RCO/H/SS/1 | Stainless steel outstation faceplate (requires back box)
  • R/CH/RCO/SR/BB/1 | Refuge Call Back Box – surface mounting (radial)
  • R/CH/RCO/FR/BB/1 | Refuge Call Back Box – fl ush mounting (radial)
  • R/CH/RCO/S/L/BB | Refuge Call Back Box – surface mounting (loop)
  • R/CH/RCO/FL/BB | Refuge Call Back Box – fl ush mounting (loop)