Professional Induction Loop Amplifiers

Product Code: I/CHIL/

1 Year Various Easy EEA
Guarantee  Listening field Installation  Conformity

Professional Induction loop amplifiers are ideal for use in large prestigious applications such as theatres, churches, cinemas, conference halls; where first class sound and reliability are a must.

Each amplifier has three inputs – Mic., Mic./Line and ‘Outreach’. The Mic. and Mic./Line inputs will accept standard three pin XLR connectors. The four-way ‘Outreach’ input offers full compatibility with our unique Outreach Plate audio input extension system. This system allows the connection of up to ten additional microphone or line inputs via a range of specially designed single gang audio connector plates.

Other features include three level controls (one for each input), a loop drive control, an output current meter and a ‘compression’ activity display giving visible indication of the amplifier’s compressor.

  • Attractive free-standing design (optional wall and 19”rack-mounting kits available)
  • Improved drive current capability provides up to 50% extra coverage over other models
  • Two XLR 3 pin input sockets – one balanced mic. and one switchable balanced mic./line
  • Optional 11V phantom power available for electret or condenser microphones
  • ‘Outreach’ input allows the connection of up to 10 additional mic. or line level inputs via a series of separately available single gang connector plates
  • Adjustable level controls provided for all inputs – can be used
    individually or together as a three-input mixer
  • Adjustable drive control allows the loop current to be adjusted to suit a room’s individual characteristics
  • Metal compensation control helps off set the frequency response problems associated with excessive metal in a building
  • True output current meter
  • Visible indication of the amplifier’s compressor action via two LEDs
  • 3.5mm headphone socket allows true monitoring of the output signal
  • Advanced audio signal processing with automatic gain control
  • On-board cooling fan on PDA500/2 and PDA1000/2 promotes stable operating temperature and increased reliability
  • All models designed to meet or exceed the requirements of BS7594 and EN60118-4 when correctly installed
  • I/CHIL/200/2 | 200m2 professional free-standing induction loop amplifier
  • I/CHIL/500/2 | 500m2 professional free-standing induction loop amplifier
  • I/CHIL/1000/2 | 1000m2 professional free-standing induction loop amplifier
  • I/CHIL/RM | 19 rack-mount kit for pro-range amp
  • I/CHIL/WM | Wall-mount kit for pro-range amp


  • I/CH/FPROK/1 | Fosmeter Pro Induction loop test kit complete with signal generator