iCapture WiFi Products

iCapture wi-fi (App Connect) Bullet Camera Kit

Complete iCapture CCTV surveillance system Bullet Camera Kit with wi-fi access to enable remote viewing.

Product code: T/CCTV/KIT/1/C/WIFI

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iCapture wi-fi (App Connect) Dome Camera Kit

Complete iCapture CCTV surveillance system Dome Camera Kit with wi-fi access to enable remote viewing.

Product code: T/CCTV/KIT/2/C/WIFI

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iCapture wi-fi (App Connect) CCTV surveillance system

CCTV surveillance system iCapture wi-fi (App connect) with remote viewing options.

The Mixed 2x Bullet and 2x Dome Camera Kit.

Product code: T/CCTV/KIT/3/C/WIFI

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