CCTV Cameras – iCapture Power Supply Units

Product Code: T/CCTV/PSU/

DC12V Supports Remote Live Recycle
Power Supply Viewing WEEE Directive

The iCapture™ range of Power Supply Units are high quality units for use with the iCapture range of Cameras and provide a stable and fully regulated 12 Volts DC Output

Ensure that you always select a PSU with adequate current capacity for the load. If in doubt please contact our dedicated sales team on 0845 884 7000.

Choose from our range of PSUs to power your CCTV Surveillance system:-

  • T/CCTV/PSU/4 WAY | Power Supply DC 12V 3A with 1-4 way output connectors
  • T/CCTV/PSU/5A/5 | 5 Way – 5amp boxed power supply
  • T/CCTV/PSU/10A/9 | 9 Way – 10amp boxed power supply
  • T/CCTV/PSU/20A/18 | 18 Way – 20amp boxed power supply
  • T/CCTV/PSU/1 WAY | Power Supply DC 12V 1 Amp single output connector