CCTV Cameras – iCapture Power Supply Units

Product Code: T/CCTV/PSU/

DC12V Supports Remote Live Recycle
Power Supply Viewing WEEE Directive

The iCapture™ range of Power Supply Units are high quality units for use with the iCapture range of Cameras and provide a stable and fully regulated 12 Volts DC Output

Ensure that you always select a PSU with adequate current capacity for the load. If in doubt please contact our dedicated sales team on 0845 884 7000.

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Choose from our range of PSUs to power your CCTV Surveillance system:-

  • T/CCTV/PSU/4 WAY | Power Supply DC 12V 3A with 1-4 way output connectors
  • T/CCTV/PSU/5A/5 | 5 Way – 5amp boxed power supply
  • T/CCTV/PSU/10A/9 | 9 Way – 10amp boxed power supply
  • T/CCTV/PSU/20A/18 | 18 Way – 20amp boxed power supply
  • T/CCTV/PSU/1 WAY | Power Supply DC 12V 1 Amp single output connector