CCTV Accessories – BNC Connectors

Product Code: T/CCTV/BNC


 Easy 1 Year Lightweight Recycle
Installation Guarantee Weight WEEE Directive

The BNC connectors are for use with the iCapture CCTV Surveillance range. The  BNC Crimp Connector  is a safe and secure way of connecting your CCTV camera to an RG59 cable. As the metal jacket is crimped together, it gives a slightly more durable connection than standard BNC twist connectors, and so is more suited to exposed exterior locations, or areas vulnerable to vandalism.

For further assistance in connection devices you can speak to our dedicated team on 0845 884 7000.

Choose from the iCapture range of accessories to complete your CCTV Surveillance system:-

  • T/CCTV/BRACKET/1 | Bracket for use with eyeball dome cameras (camera NOT included)
  • T/CCTV/HD/500GB | Spare 500GB hard drive
  • T/CCTV/LEAD/20M | CCTV Lead (pure copper cable) 20 metres
  • T/CCTV/SIGN/1 | A5 Self adhesive window sticker 148mm x 210mm (Warning 24hr CCTV)
  • T/CCTV/BALUN | Transmission device to transmit video signal over un-shielded twisted pair cable (max 330m)
  • E/CHWG/12 | Protective wire cage | H260mm x W195mm x D325mm
  • T/CCTV/BNC | BNC crimp connectors for use with RG59 coaxial cables
  • T/CCTV/2M | Double female BNC coupler to join pre-made shotgun cables together
  • T/CCTV/DC2 | Male & Female power connector for use with CAT 5 cable