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Do you know why we ‘spring clean’? ………..Traditionally to wipe away winter of course!

‘Spring cleaning comes from the days when homes were heated by fireplaces, and efforts were made to prevent heat from escaping. The coming of spring and warm weather was an opportunity to air the house and clean it of soot and all the grime accumulated over the winter months’

Although our ways of living have changed compared to more traditional living a number of years ago, we all still feel a good spring clean does us the world of good, its also a great time to review our safety checklist and ensure all our fire alarms and safety alarms are working as they should.

Smoke Alarms

Make sure you test your smoke alarms, change the batteries and give them a good dusting off – according to the National Fire Protection Association, if you hear your smoke alarm making a ‘chirping’ sound make sure you replace it straight away. All bedrooms and common areas should have a smoke alarm fitted.

To reduce false alarms in the kitchen your smoke alarm should be fitted 10 feet from the cooker and less than 12 inches from the ceiling and away from windows, doors and ducts.

Advances in technology now mean that you can get wireless smoke alarms, when one sounds, they all sound, meaning everyone in the property is made award of the fire.

According to the NFPA, 3 out of 5 home fire deaths occur because the house has no smoke alarm.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

It’s near enough the same rules for carbon monoxide detectors as it is for smoke alarms, test them at least once a week, change their batteries regularly and interconnect them if possible. CO alarms should be fitted in a central location outside each bedroom and on every level of the home.

Anything in that home that burns fuel can potentially become a source of carbon monoxide – carbon monoxide is know as the ‘invisible’ killer as it releases and invisible, odourless gas that can, if not contained quickly enough, can kill.

During your spring clean it is a good idea to check all your vents for your gas appliances (fireplace, dryer, stove and furnace) are clean, clear of snow and or any debris.

Did you know that The National Safety Council recommends that all families have an emergency plan in the event of a natural disaster or catastrophic event? Whilst you are cleaning and checking all your safety alarms in the house, it’s a good time to have a quick review of your safety plan with the family to make sure everyone knows what to do. For further information click here.