The Apollo 65 series alarm surprise board for Harvey

We were so pleased to make Harvey’s day with an Apollo 65 series alarm.

Born at 28 weeks weighing just 1lb 8oz by emergency caesarean due to Severe IUGR, Harvey  was in NICU for nearly 4 months and in that time he had chronic lung disease, pulmonary haemorrhage and among other things, ended up with ROP ( retinopathy of prematurity ). This meant that he had to have his eyes lasered to stop him going blind but as a result, it has left him with very short sightedness and a nystagmus (eyes flicker side to side constantly)

Harvey finally left hospital weighing 3lb 14oz and on constant oxygen but was back in 24 hours later after he stopped breathing. 10 days later Harvey was allowed home.

After years and years of consultants, physio, occupational therapy, speech and language and hundreds of appointments Harvey has now been diagnosed with Classic Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder.

He has a fear and bad reaction to loud unexpected noises. When he can control the noise by switching it on and off, he develops an obsession with it. Henrys parents are only allowed to have a ‘Henry Hoover’ in the house and he will not tolerate any other hoover being switched on with out him panicking. 

How did Channel get involved? 

Fire alarms …..

Harvey hates them, for years at school he had to be pre-warned that a fire alarm test was going to go off. But for some reason, he has fallen in love with The Apollo 65 series alarm, watching You Tube videos all day long on them.

For 18 months (no exaggeration) he has wanted one with a base sounder. Every Birthday and Christmas, every time he has been good or received star of the week at school he asks ‘can I have the the Apollo 65 series alarm.
now?’ his Mum has tried to buy him normal alarms and offered him other branded fire alarms, but all he wants is Apollo!

Harvey attends Rake School who have been brilliant, occasionally letting him set the school alarms off…they are Apollo, of course, no other alarm will do!

We received a call from Harvey’s mum asking if we had any literature on the Apollo Series 65 fire alarm range that she could possibly give him for his birthday this week, after hearing his story, we decided to build Harvey a working series 65 panel with break glass, alarms and beacon that he can fully use and play with on one of our Apollo Board as a surprise for his big day.

We held a little birthday surprise for Harvey at our offices where Harvey was presented with the Apollo Series 65 fire alarm board by our lovely Claude (Sales Team).

Apollo Series 65 alarm

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And what a wonderful thank you to get.


I really don’t know how to thank you all enough ! Harvey has not stopped playing and even set it off in the car. I cannot explain how much this means to him and I hope you saw it in his face when he saw it.

We are eternally grateful for making our little boy the happiest boy in the world :-)

Much love to you all

Yvette, Harvey and Family xx