Interface Relays

Product Code: F/CH/HDR/5

All 1 Year Provided EEA
System  Guarantee Instructions  Conformity

Our heavy duty relay units are designed for interfacing heavy loads such as door release units or plant shut down equipment with fire alarm systems.

The S/E15/A relay is 24V DC operated double pole change over contacts, with contacts rated at 5A 250V AC. This relay is situated on a PCB allowing terminal block connections to the Relay activation and the Output contacts.

The PCB is located in an IP65 plastic box. The box is oblong 175mm(L) x 107mm(W) x 80mm(H). The F/CH/HDR/5 Relay is powered by 24V external supply and is provided with 2 separate sets of changeover contacts. The front mounted status LED illuminates when the relay is energised.

  • Simple to install
  • Visible status indication LED
  • Double pole change over contacts
  • F/CH/HDR/5 | Heavy duty 5A relay
  • S/E15/A | 24V 5A Relay