Product Code: F/CHBM/

All EN54 Various EEA
System  Approval Weights  Conformity

The Firebeam system includes a motorised head unit containing an infra-red transmitter and receiver, a ground level controller and prism reflector. Making use of the prism reflector the returned infra-red beam is analysed for smoke contamination and registers a fire condition at a pre- determined level. At ground level the controller unit is used to make operational adjustments.

The standard Protection system covers a range of 5 to 40 metres, 2 further range kits are available, a 40 to 80 metres kit that utilises 4 reflectors and finally an 80 to 100 metres kit that makes use of 9 reflectors. Beam detectors offer a cost effective solution for protecting large open spaces. One single unit installed on a wall can detect smoke over an area up to 1500m² (BS5839), which is beyond that of traditional point detectors.

Beams are ideal for protecting areas such as:-

  • Warehouses
  • Theatres
  • Sport Centres
  • Places of Worship
  • Atriums
  • Supermarkets

Mid-range distance kit:

  • 40 – 80 metres (the Fire Beam Mid Range Kit is a clear acrylic plate with 3 extra reflectors attached)

Long range distance kit:

  • 80 -100 metres (the Fire Beam Long Range Kit is a clear acrylic plate with 8 extra reflectors attached)

  • F/CHBM/SA  | Self adjusting beam detector 5 – 40m range
  • F/CHBM/80/KIT |  40 – 80m range kit for CHBM/SA
  • F/CHBM/100/KIT | 80 -100m range kit for CHBM/SA
  • F/CHBM/ADAPTER | Unistrut Adapter for CHBM/SA


  • SP/CHBM/FOGKIT | Anti-Fog kit for CHBM/SA
  • SP/CHBM/40KIT80 | Anti-Fog 40-80m range kit for CHBM/SA
  • SP/CHBM/100/KIT | Anti-Fog 80-100m range kit for CHBM/SA
The Firebeam Beam Smoke Specialist Devices are fully compatible with the following Fire Alarm Systems…