Ziton – Sounders and Visual Indicators

Product Code: F/CH/ZP7

Addressable EN54 Various EEA
System  Approval Weight  Conformity

Ziton is one of the world’s leading brands in the manufacturing of fire alarm equipment, and Channel are proud to be specialist distributors of the analogue fire device ranges.

Ziton Sounders and Visual Indicator devices are perfectly suited for any application involving high levels of background noise. They provide both audible and visual warnings from a single, addressable, loop wired unit.

  • Eight programmable supervised outputs that can be dedicated to sounder control and fire routing
  • Intuitive front panel control with centrally-located Jog Dial
  • Ethernet port with TCP/IP connectivity for programming and maintenance
  • Up to 127 devices may be connected to each ZP address loop.
  • EN54 compliant graphical LCD with icons and up to 256 zones
  • Up to 40 LED Zone indicators for Fire and Fault with ample text space
  • Easy-to-remove panel doors and electronics
  • Operating platform certified for life safety system applications
  • Full line of addressable and conventional accessories
  • History log memory for 9999 events
  • Up to 72 hours standby time and 30 minutes alarm
  • Comes standard fitted with network board
  • Local or global repeater with or without global control functionality
  • Auto configuration, setup wizards and default EN54 setup modes
  • Jog Dial with 4 soft buttons for simple and intuitive user control
    • Aesthetic pleasing design with special paint able synthetic door
  • All plug-able connectors
  • 3 USB ports with memory stick support and RS232 for printer support
  • Email notification for events directly from the panel (4 user accounts)
  • Auxiliary 24V DC supply output with reset support
  • 3 operator level menu structure (20 user names and passwords)


  • CE / CPD / EN54-2 / EN54-4
  • NEN2535 / NBNS21-100 compliant
  • BS5839-1 compliant
  • VdS and LPCB certified
  • WEEE / RoHS compliant
  • F/CH/ZP755V-P | Ziton white surface mounting visual alarm indicator with clear lens
  • F/CH/ZP755HAV-2P | Ziton omnidirectional visual sounder indicator, white
  • F/CH/ZP755BV-4P | Ziton white surface mounting addressable base sounder visual indicator
  • F/CH/ZP755B-2P | Ziton white omnidirectional visual sounder indicator
  • F/CH/ZP755R-2R | Ziton red room sounder complete with cover
  • F/CH/ZP755WV-2R | Ziton red weatherproof horn sounder indicator
  • F/CH/ZP755W-R | Ziton red weatherproof horn sounder
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