Firewatch Panels – FW1001

Product Code: F/FW1001/

Addressable EN54 1.8 & 4.5Kg Not Included
System  Approval Weights  Batteries

Up to eight FW1001 master panels (any variant) can be interconnected, making the range ideal for use in larger applications such as office blocks, shopping complexes and big industrial sites as well as in smaller, stand-alone
applications due to its competitive price.

  • Compatible with Apollo’s XP95/Discovery and Hochiki’s ESP protocols
  • The ability to interconnect up to eight Firewatch main panels (any variant) onto a two wire RS485 network. Alternatively, up to eight Firewatch repeaters can be connected to a non-networked Firewatch main panel
  • Combined keypad/keyswitch entry to access levels 2 & 3
  • Two independently programmable conventional sounder circuits
  • Two programmable inputs
  • A fault output relay and three programmable relay outputs with voltage free changeover contacts
  • Three zone dependency functions (A, B & C to EN54-2 clause 7.12)
  • A day/night (building occupied/unoccupied) function
  • An investigation delay period function
  • A phased evacuation and delays to outputs facility to EN54-2
  • An alarm counter that records the number of times the panel has been in an alarm state to EN54-2
  • Powerful short circuit protected loop drivers, capable of supporting up to 40 loop powered 10mA sounders per loop
  • An integral EN54-4/A2 switch mode PSU rated @ 185-260V a.c
  • 50-60Hz (1.4A on a 16 zone panel, 3A on a 32 zone panel)
  • Earth fault monitoring
  • An easy to read, 80 character back-lit display
  • 40 characters of custom text per device
  • 999 event monitoring
  •  Comprehensive test facilities to EN54-2 and a wide range of functions including auto-learn loops, monitor a point, test outputs, one man walk test and loop continuity test
  • An intuitive Windows based upload-download PC program that allows the system to be programmed quickly and easily
  • Meets BS EN 60598-2-22 and other relevant standards

  • F/FW1001/1/16 | Networkable single loop 16 zone panel (requires 2 x B/12V/2.8AH/SLA batteries)
  • F/FW1001/2/32 | Networkable two loop 32 zone panel (requires 2 x B/12V/7AH/SLA batteries)
  • F/FW1001/R/16 | Networkable repeater panel — 16 zones (requires 2 x B/12V/2.8AH/SLA batteries)
  • F/FW1001/R/32 | Networkable repeater panel — 32 zones (2 x B/12V/2.8AH/SLA batteries)
  • F/FW1001/NCC/16 | Network communications card for 16 zone
  • F/FW1001/NCC/32 | Network communications card for 32 zone


  • F/FW1001/HB | BS5839-6 Hush button, Apollo XP95 / Discovery
  • F/FW1001/HB/SS | BS5839-6 Stainless steel hush button, Apollo XP95 / Discovery
  • F/FW1001/HB/HOC | BS5839-6 Hush button, Hochiki ESP
  • F/FW1001/HB/HOC/SS | BS5839-6 Stainless steel hush button, Hochiki ESP


  • B/12V/2.8AH/SLA | 12 Volt 2.8Ah sealed lead acid battery (1 block)
  • B/12V/7AH/SLA | 12 Volt 7Ah sealed lead acid battery (1 block)
The Firewatch FW1001 Fire Alarm Panels are compatible with the following protocol:-