C-TEC ACTIV Fire Detectors

Product Code: F/C

4 Wire EN54
System  Approval

A new range of UK-manufactured conventional fire detectors brought to you by C-Tec, one of the UK’s largest independent manufacturers of quality life safely electronic equipment. 

  • Third-Party certified to the reevant parts EN54-5 & 7
  • Optical, fixed heat, rate-of-rise abd multi-sensor variants
  • 6-33V operating voltage
  • Two 8mm x 2mm ultra bright red LED indicating strips offer unrivalled visibility when illuminated
  • Drift compensation functionality on optical and multi-sensor variants enures detector sensitivity is automatically calibrated.
  • Integrated detector/base locking mechanism and ID tag included with all bases
  • F/C4403A1R | ACTIV Class A1R Rate-of-Rise Heat Detector to EN54-5
  • F/C4403A2 | ACTIV Class A2 Standard (60°) Standard Fixed Temp Heat Detector EN54-5
  • F/C4403B | ACTIV Class B High (75°) Fixed Temp Heat Detector to EN54-5
  • F/C4416 | ACTIV Optical Smoke Detector to EN54-7
  • F/C4414 | ACTIV Multi-Sensor Fire Detector to EN54-5 & 7
  • F/C4408D | ACTIV Diode Base
  • F/C4408 | ACTIV Non-Diode Base
  • F/C4408R | ACTIV Relay Base/li>