Door Entry Systems – ENTRitech Button Modules for Audio Only Call Stations

Product Code: D/ENT/AUDIO/KP and D/ENT/BU

5 Wire Included Easy Recycle
Wiring System  Power Supply Installation  WEEE Directive

ENTRitech Audio Door Entry Systems only use up to date technology and are presented in a contemporary, modern series of designs. Call stations and button modules are all manufactured in 17 gauge 1.367mm thick stainless steel.

Choose from this range of button modules to complete your Flush or Surface mounted Master Call stations arrangement.

Follow our easy 3 step process below to order your own bespoke Audio Door Entry System!

  • STEP 1 : Choose how many ways you’d like your system to go and this will determine your Master Call Station Unit
  • STEP 2 : Choose your button modules
  • STEP 3 : Choose the number of handsets you require
  • Surface or Flush mounted Master Call Station options available
  • Specify your own bespoke system
  • Stainless steel call stations
  • Cost effective in installation time and materials
  • Encapsulated electronics / IP44 rated call station
  • For systems higher than 18 ways – please contact our sales department on 0845 884 7000
  • D/ENT/AUDIO/KP | Digital keypad module
  • D/ENT/BU01 | 1 Button module
  • D/ENT/BU02 | 2 Button module
  • D/ENT/BU03 | 3 Button module
  • D/ENT/BU04 | 4 Button module
  • D/ENT/BU06 | 6 Button module