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Climate Change Levy Increase

In 2001 the Climate Change Levy (CCL) was introduced to the UK, it is a tax on electricity, gas, LPG and solid fuels used and supplied to businesses and public sector consumers. HMRC are paid the rates on these commodities by energy suppliers, these costs are passed on through billing to non-domestic customers.

It […]

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Grove LED Emergency Light Donation – The Potters Village, Uganda

We were very happy to have donated two grove LED Twin Spot emergency lights to a child crisis centre in S.W. Uganda.  The Potter’s Village at Kisoro, in S.W. Uganda provides intensive care, on a 24 hour basis, for new born babies and very ill young children. It is managed by […]

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Self Test Emergency Lighting Units

By law it is required that emergency lighting installations must have routine tests carried out, these tests should all be documented with the results including maintenance and rectification results all held on file. Recommendations for the minimum test schedules are provided in BS5266 and EN50172.

Testing emergency lighting does not take much effort or […]

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