MotionPro III LED Floodlight

Product Code: E/FLOOD/LED

Lightbulb   IP
LED 2100-14000 IP65
Light Source Lumen Output  IP Rating

The MotionPro 3 now boasts a smaller footprint than its predecessors and is finished in a high end black aluminium alloy. The 30W and 50W versions now incorporate Epistar LED Technology and enhanced lumen output is achieved. The 70W+ versions operate on Bridgelux technology and its finish is updatedto the black steel alloy.

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  • Steel Mounting bracket, aluminium body construction & robust design
  • Shock and Vibration resistant
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • LED Power 30W, 50W, 70W, 100W, 150W and 200W
  • No Minimum ‘on/off time’ required
  • Long Life LED Technology/li>
  • Instant Re-strike
  • High Brightness, White Light incorporation Epistar and Bridgelux LED Components
  • Eco-friendly- No lead, mercury, argon, xenon or Krypton Gases
  • PIR and remote PIR Sensor Options available

The MotionPro 3 range is available in 30W to 200W versions with and without PIR options:-

    • E/FLOOD/LED/30W/3 | MotionPro LED 30W floodlight
    • E/FLOOD/LED/50W/3 | MotionPro LED 50W floodlight
    • E/FLOOD/LED/70W/3 | MotionPro LED 70W floodlight
    • E/FLOOD/LED/30W/PIR/3 | MotionPro LED 30W floodlight with PIR
    • E/FLOOD/LED/50W/PIR/3 | MotionPro LED 50W floodlight with PIR
    • E/FLOOD/LED/100W/3 | MotionPro LED 100W floodlight
    • E/FLOOD/LED/150W/3 | MotionPro LED 150W floodlight
    • E/FLOOD/LED/200W/3 | MotionPro LED 200W floodlight