Security Cameras — Number of Channels

Have a good look around your premises and decide how many cameras you are going to need, you should take your time with this and make sure you have all the angles covered. Failure to do so will leave ‘blind spots’. And if people can see your cameras, it stands to reason, they can see your blind spots.

“To limit expenses you can consider planting dummy cameras in areas you think are less sensitive”

Digital Video Recorders come in several sizes, most commonly :

  • 4 Channels
  • 8 Channels
  • 16 Channels

But once you have decided how many cameras you need, you can then start looking at appropriate Digital Video Recorders.

For example if you only need to use 2 cameras, there are not many 2 channel Digital Video Recorders on the market, so you will probably need to buy a 4 channel Digital Video Recorder. But buying more channels than you actually require, isn’t a bad thing, as many people find they want to add cameras in the future that they didn’t initially think about.

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