Lumen Levels: Trino High Lumen Emergency Light

Making sure you have the right wattage and lumen levels is especially important when considering your emergency lighting solutions.

What does Lumens mean?

The technical definition of lumen is as follows; A lumen is the standard measurement for a unit of luminous flux, it is a measure of the perceived power of light.

We are all very familiar with the usual incandescent bulbs being measured in ‘watts’ and we all generally know what to expect from a 40w, 60w or 100w bulb – the higher the wattage the brighter the light. With LED lighting, this isn’t exactly the case, watts and lumens measure two very separate things. A lumen is a measure of light intensity output and a watt is a unit of electrical energy (input). In simple terms, a light bulb uses watts to make lumens.

There are a number of different LED chips with different lumen outputs so it should not be assumed that all 4w LED lights have the same lumen output.

Types of LED chips:

  • High Power LED Chip
  • Dip LED
  • Lamp LED
  • SMD
  • Flux LED

With LED lighting being more directional than incandescent lighting, the lumens output to achieve the same brightness will be lower for LEDs than traditional lighting. A large percentage of the lumens output is wasted due to the directions in which the light is output.

LED Lumens efficiency

100 watt standard incandescent light bulbs use 100 watts of power which give 1500-1700 lumens output, this equates to approximately 17 lumens per watt (17 lm/w). LED replacement lamps offer even more lighting efficiency and our Trino LED luminaire tri rated fitting has one of the best lumen outputs on the market.

The Trino

Offers an IP65, dust & vapour proof range of high brightness, long life & energy efficient lighting. The fittings are suitable for many applications where a low energy solution is required. They are highly durable, easily installed, and provide an impressive light output. Constructed from high impact polycarbonate and benefit from stainless steel diffuser clips & a stainless steel suspension kit.

Trinos are available in 5 foot, single or twin, mains only or emergency LED array options, meets most requirements, for even greater flexibility, an additional microwave option is available.

The Trino Single spec:

Designed for surface mounted applications in commercial and industrial applications.

The Trino single emergency light spec

  • Ideal replacement for linear fluorescent fittings
  • Light source: Epistar 2835 multi LED array
  • Colour Temperature: 4000K
  • Material: Polycarbonate base & high light transmission diff user
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • Mains or emergency 3 hour maintained and microwave options available
  • Dimensions: Please see Trino™ section drawings on opposite page
  • Trino™ Single – Power consumption: 52W, 60W & 65W Circuit Watts
  • Trino™ Twin – Power consumption: 52W, 60W & 65W Circuit Watts
  • Trino™ Single – Lumen output: 5990 lm & 6500 lm
  • Trino™ Twin – Lumen output: 11400 lm & 12760 lm

If you are interested in finding out more about the Trino, please contact a member of the team on or call 0845 884 7000.