XPander – Accessories

Product Code: Various

Wireless Easy 1 Year EEA
System  Installation Guarantee  Conformity

The XPander is a completely wireless system in which individual detectors, call points and alarm devices communicate with the XP95 loop by radio signals. An interface is connected to the loop in the same way as any other interface, such as an Input/Output Unit. Every XPander device is assigned an address and this address is recognised by the control panel in the same way as is the address of any device connected directly to the loop wiring.

The XPander Survey Tool is used at the site survey stage to ascertain if a site is suitable for an XPander installation. A site survey must be carried out before XPander can be installed.

  • Easy to install
  • XPERT card addressing
  • Self-monitoring
  • Proven technology
  • No special control panel needed
  • 868MHz radio channels
  • Up to 32 devices per interface
  • Up to 5 interfaces per loop
  • All detectors within the XPander range are sold with mounting bases

  • F/CHIF/XPAND | (XPA-IN-14050-APO) XPander interface module (loop powered) with isolator
  • F/CH/XPAND/AERIAL | (XPA-AE-14008) XPander wireless standard aerial


  • F/CH/XPAND/SVU | (XPA-TE-14010-APO) XPander survey unit
  • S/XPERT TAG | (29600-399) XPander blank xpert card red
  • S/XPERT TAG/WH | (29600-413) XPander blank xpert card white