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Smoke Heat CO EEA
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The Solo fire alarm testing kits have been specifically designed for testing fire alarm system devices and are made from high quality hard wearing materials.

A comprehensive range of kits, all configured by height and application, to provide the most cost-effective way of purchasing complete functional testing solutions. Also available with sensitivity testing options for an all-encompassing testing package.

The contents of each are determined according to your individual testing needs – please download our datasheet to see the Kit and Product Range Selector to assist you in choosing the right Kit for your testing requirements. 

Testing equipment must be proven to be…

  • Safe for the engineer
  • Cost-effective
  • Versatile
  • Portable
  • Approved by all detector manufacturers and in compliance with international codes and standards

The Solo range meets and exceeds all of these requirements and more. By using this equipment regularly you can be assured that your fire alarm system will perform in an emergency.

  • F/CH/SOLO/808 | Smoke detector test starter pack
  • F/CH/SOLO/809 | Smoke detector test starter pack
  • F/CH/SOLO/810 | Starter kit for testing smoke detectors
  • F/CH/SOLO/811 | Smoke kit 6m for testing and removing
  • F/CH/SOLO/812 | Smoke kit 8.2m for testing and removing
  • F/CH/SOLO/814 | Smoke/mains heat kit 6m for testing
  • F/CH/SOLO/822 | Cordless – Smoke / heat kit 6m for testing
  • F/CH/SOLO/823 | Cordless – Smoke / heat kit 9m for testing
Other Solo Detector Tester Maintenance Test Equipment Options…