Special Function Call Point Units

Product Code: Various

All 1 Year Provided EEA
System  Guarantee Instructions  Conformity

Designed specifically to reduce installation time, the Special Function Break Glass range directly reflects this need by providing a unique ‘plug and play’ concept. All products utilise a special terminal block, where all initial installation cabling is terminated. This terminal block is then simply connected to the back of the box. Simple, but effective with no re-termination required and no time wasted.

Full compliance with the latest standards is essential and the Special Function Break Glass range is fully approved to EN54-11.

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  • Unique ‘Plug & Go’ installation concept
  • Total ‘Flex-Ability’ in the choice of operating element
  • Anti-Tamper facility
  • Enhanced aesthetics
  • Backward compatibility
  • Proven Design Approved and Certified To EN54-11
  • Use Of Glass Or Resettable Plastic Element
  • Alarm Indicator and 240V Changeover Contacts
  • Back Box With Fixing Screws
  • F/CH/PC | Surface break glass – blue no resistor
  • F/CH/EDR/FLEX | Surface break glass – green no resistor
  • F/CH/ER | Surface break glass – yellow no resistor
  • F/CH/FVE | Surface vent extract unit – yellow no resistor – 3 POS key switch