Fire Alarm Switched Fused Spur

Product Code: Various

All 1 Year Provided EEA
System  Guarantee Instructions  Conformity

The Fire Alarm Switched Fused Spur provides a secure method for safely isolating the mains voltage supply to fire systems in accordance with BS 5839: Part 1 (2013).

The unit is supplied in a complete enclosure, which is a standard single gang format with preformed holes for mounting on a surface or a 20mm conduit box.

  • Both the Live and Neutral supply is switched
  • Integral fuse, which cannot be removed without taking the cover off
  • The supply can only be isolated by means of a keylock switch
  • The key is removable in both ON/OFF positions
  • A Green LED is used to indicate mains present at the switched output
  • When in the OFF position the FUSE is disconnected from the supply
  • Operating Voltage 230 V AC
  • Switch Contact Rating Double Pole – 230 V ac, 4 A
  • Fuse Rating Max – 6 A Fast (20 mm) supplied
  • Switch Surge Rating 80 A
  • Enclosure Material RoHS Compliant, FR ABS
  • Key Number 901
  • Weight 175g
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