AOV Single Zone Panel
Product Code: F/CH/AOV

Smoke CO 1 Year EEA
Detection  Detection Guarantee  Conformity

An AOV single zone panel is necessary when one roof vent or window must open when the fire alarm is triggered. In this situation you have 1 zone. You need to first see how the roof vent or window operates. If it is manual opening then you will need to add an AOV actuator which can be triggered to open or close. If there is already a fire system in place there may be smoke detectors fitted. In this situation you can link an AOV single zone to your fire system which will trigger when smoke is detected in that area.

The AOV actuator when triggered will open, when reset it will close. Yellow call points can be added for override or system test. (If there is no fire system in place a detector can be fitted to trigger the system.)

  • For use on 1 zone where all items trigger together
  • Independent system or inter-linkable panel
  • Triggers via a fire panel or an integrated loop
  • Model options: 5A or 8A
  • Enclosure size – 238 x 113 x 286 mm / 7.5 kg
  • Comes complete with 2 x 7ah SLA Batteries
  • Input for smoke detectors and orange emergency control call point
  • F/SVM/24V-5A/BASIC | AOV single zone base unit 5 amp 24v P.O.A
  • F/SVM/24V-8A/BASIC| AOV single zone base unit 8 amp 24v P.O.A
  • Multiway/Networked  systems are available on request


  • Chain Drives
    F/HCV500/0350 Chain drive 24Vdc, 500N, 350mm
    F/HCV500/0600 Chain drive 24Vdc-500N-600mm
    F/HCV500/0800 Chain drive 24Vdc, 500N, 800mm
    F/HCV500/1000 Chain drive 24Vdc, 500N, 1000mm
    F/GE8829 Bracket for above (set of 2)
  • Fireman’s Controls
    F/WSK/321/0005/61 Break glass, SVM, orange break glass emergency control
  • Smoke Detectors
    F/CHSM/P (55000-317) Optical Smoke detector with base