Ziton – Fire Alarm Panels

Product Code: F/CH/ZP2-

Addressable EN54 5.2 & 7.4Kg Not Included
System  Approval Weight  Batteries

The ZP2 Series life safety control systems are bringing the speed and functionality of high-end intelligent processing to small to mid-sized addressable applications

The fire panels supplied in local language, with user interface, with 1 loop that supports up to 254 devices (127 addresses) in 64 zones, have standard 2 supervised sounder/fire-routing outputs, which can be used as freely programmable outputs as well. In addition 2 conventional relay outputs and 2 supervised outputs, working in pair and dedicated to common fire and fault conditions, as well as 2 user configurable inputs for monitoring and control are available.

  • Eight programmable supervised outputs that can be dedicated to sounder control and fire routing
  • Intuitive front panel control with centrally-located Jog Dial
  • Ethernet port with TCP/IP connectivity for programming and maintenance
  • Up to 127 devices may be connected to each ZP address loop.
  • EN54 compliant graphical LCD with icons and up to 256 zones
  • Up to 40 LED Zone indicators for Fire and Fault with ample text space
  • Easy-to-remove panel doors and electronics
  • Operating platform certified for life safety system applications
  • Full line of addressable and conventional accessories
  • History log memory for 9999 events
  • Up to 72 hours standby time and 30 minutes alarm
  • Comes standard fitted with network board
  • Local or global repeater with or without global control functionality
  • Auto configuration, setup wizards and default EN54 setup modes
  • Jog Dial with 4 soft buttons for simple and intuitive user control
    – Aesthetic pleasing design with special paint able synthetic door
  • All plug-able connectors
  • 3 USB ports with memory stick support and RS232 for printer support
  • Email notification for events directly from the panel (4 user accounts)
  • Auxiliary 24V DC supply output with reset support
  • 3 operator level menu structure (20 user names and passwords)


  • CE / CPD / EN54-2 / EN54-4
  • NEN2535 / NBNS21-100 compliant
  • BS5839-1 compliant
  • VdS and LPCB certified
  • WEEE / RoHS compliant

  • F/CH/ZP2-F1-S-99 | ZP2 1 loop fire panel – small cabinet (no zone LEDs)
  • F/CH/ZP2-F2-S-99 | ZP2 2 loop fire panel – small cabinet (no zone LEDs)
  • F/CH/ZP2-F1-99 | ZP2 1 loop fire panel – large cabinet (no zone LEDs)
  • F/CH/ZP2-F2-99 | ZP2 2 loop fire panel – large cabinet (no zone LEDs)
  • F/CH/ZP2-ZI-24-S | 24 zone LEDs – small cabinet only
  • F/CH/ZP2-ZI-20 | 20 zone LEDs – large cabinet only
  • F/CH/ZP2-ZI-40 | 40 zone LEDs – large cabinet only


  • F/CH/ZP2-FR-S-99 | ZP2 repeater panel – small cabinet (no zone LEDs)
  • F/CH/ZP2-FR-99 | ZP2 repeater panel – large cabinet (no zone LEDs)


  • F/CH/ZP2-LB | 2 loop expansion PCB (can only be fi tted to a 2 zone panel only)


  • F/CH/2010-2-NB | Network card for ZP2 panel (not required in repeaters)