Nittan – Sounders and Visual Indicators

Product Code: Various

Addressable EN54 Various EEA
System  Approval Weight  Conformity

Nittan Sounders and Visual Indicators provide a simple and highly flexible solution to meeting the DDA requirements by providing both sound and flashing light to alert occupants to a fire.

Furthermore, Nittan Sensortec and Evolution devices are suited to residential, commercial or industrial premises.

  • Up to 254 addresses per loop for flexible system design
  • Built to exceptional marine standards for reliability and long life
  • Unique, award-winning Dual Optical technology
  • High speed FSK protocol, uniquely resistant to noise
  • ‘Omniview’ 360° Alarm Indicator
  • Modern, sleek design
  • Full range of devices Lightweight compact designs
  • All Evolution products come with either LPCB, VdS, DBI EN54 or Intertek Approvals
  • F/CH/UB4-EV-AB | Base for UB4-EV-AB for EV-ABS sounders
  • F/CH/VCT-03-CP-W | Vector cap plate (white) for EV-ABS
  • F/CH/VCT-03-CP-R | Vector cap plate (red) for EV-ABS
  • F/CH/EV-AV2 | Ceiling/wall mounted sounder/visual indicator
  • F/CH/EV-AV2 BASE | Sounder/visual indicator base
  • F/CH/EV-HIOP-SB(IC) | High output sounder/visual indicator
  • F/CH/EV-HIOP-SDR(IC) | High output sounder