Nittan – Modules

Product Code: Various

Addressable EN54 Various EEA
System  Approval Weight  Conformity

The Nittan Module options boast a new uniform, sleek design for optimum aesthetic appeal and have been designed for the monitoring of many types of third party equipment.

All the modules in the Nittan range are all EEPROM Addressed (Programmer), using the EV module address lead.

  • Up to 254 addresses per loop for flexible system design
  • Built to exceptional marine standards for reliability and long life
  • Unique, award-winning Dual Optical technology
  • High speed FSK protocol, uniquely resistant to noise
  • ‘Omniview’ 360° Alarm Indicator
  • Modern, sleek design
  • Full range of devices Lightweight compact designs
  • All Evolution products come with either LPCB, VdS, DBI EN54 or Intertek Approvals
  • F/CH/EV-MINI I/P | Mini input module
  • F/CH/EV-OP | Output module
  • F/CH/EV-IP | Input module
  • F/CH/EV-SIO | Single input/output module
  • F/CH/EV-SCM | Sounder control module (requires Ext 24 VPSU)
  • F/CH/EV-ZMU | Zone monitor module (requires Ext 24 V PSU)