Hochiki ESP – Modules and Controllers

Product Code: F/CH/CHQ-

Addressable EN54 Various EEA
System  Approval Weight  Conformity

The Hochiki ESP Analogue Addressable range of Modules and Controllers are LPCB and VdS approved and are compatible with the entire Hochiki ESP range of devices. Designed specifically to increase the ease of routine maintenance and commissioning.

For further information on each unique device please download the Datasheet.

Hochiki ESP Range Overview

  • Removable, high performance chamber
  • Twin fire LEDs allow 360 viewing
  • Locking mechanism (sensor to base)
  • Variable sensitivity – Electronically addressed
  • All base fixing centres are 48 – 74mm
  • Approved by LPCB & VdS

For further information on each unique Hochiki ESP device, please download the Datasheet.

  • F/CH/CHQ-DIM/SCI | Dual input module with SCI
  • F/CH/CHQ-DSC/SCI | Dual sounder controller with SCI
  • F/CH/CHQ-DZM/SCI | Dual zone monitor with SCI
  • F/CH/CHQ-MRC2/SCI | Mains relay controller with SCI
  • F/CH/CHQ-DRC/SCI | Dual relay controller with SCI
  • F/CH/CHQ-SZM/SCI | Single zone monitor with SCI
  • F/CH/CHQ-SIM | Single input module
  • F/CH/CHQ-POM | Powered output module
  • F/CH/CHQ-SQM | Sounder output module
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