Hochiki ESP – Isolators

Product Code: Various

Addressable EN54 Various EEA
System  Approval Weight  Conformity

The Hochiki ESP Isolators are compatible with any of the ESP Sensors. The Base incorporates an amber LED to show when it is isolating a section of the loop, and if used under every analogue Sensor on the loop, none would be
lost if a single short circuit was to occur. 
F/CH/YBO and F/CH/YBN do not use an address and as such they are very simple to install.

For further information on each Hochiki ESP Isolator, please download the Datasheet.

Hochiki ESP Range Overview

  • Removable, high performance chamber
  • Twin fire LEDs allow 360 viewing
  • Locking mechanism (sensor to base)
  • Variable sensitivity – Electronically addressed
  • All base fixing centres are 48 – 74mm
  • Approved by LPCB & VdS

Hochiki ESP Product Features

  • Detects short circuits on loop
  • Status LED Connection of up to 127 per loop Supports ESP devices
  • Quick connection via square cable clamps Available as a DIN Rail Module
  • Available in Red
  • For use with F/CH/CHQ/WS2 Wall Sounder & F/CH/CHQ/WSB Wall Sounder Indicator
  • Approved by LPCB & VdS (G204048)

For further information on each unique Hochiki ESP device, please download the Datasheet.

  • F/CH/YBN-R/3/SCI | Short circuit isolator base – ivory
  • F/CH/YBN-R/3/SCI(WHT) | Short circuit isolator base – white
  • F/CH/YBO-R/SCI/W/CHQ | Short circuit isolator base white for CHQ-WS2 (WHT)
  • F/CH/YBO-R/SCI/R | Short circuit isolator base red
  • F/CH/YBO-R/3(RED) | Mounting base red
  • F/CH/YBO-R/3/WHT | Mounting base white
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