Apollo XP95 – Interfaces and Isolators

Product Code: Various

Addressable EN54 Various EEA
System  Approval Weight  Conformity

Complete your Apollo XP95 protocol by adding the right Interfaces and Isolators to ensure your analogue addressable system reports faults in the system and more!

For further information on each unique device, please download the Datasheet.

  • Digital Protocol for error-free transmission
  • Alarm Flag for fast alarm reporting
  • Alarm Address for fast location of alarm
  • Automatic addressing with the patented XPERT card
  • Electronics-free, easy fit base
  • Ease of installation
  • Wide range of compatible interface units
  • Wide range of compatible panels
  • Compatible with Series 65 and Discovery
  • Elegant, unobtrusive design
  • Wide range of products
  • Great flexibility in system design
  • F/CHIO/1/95 | (55000-847) Single channel input/output unit complete with isolator. Contacts rated 30V 1Amp
  • F/CHIO/1/95/240 | (55000-875) Single channel input/output unit 230V contacts 1A complete with surface mounting enclosure
  • F/CHIO/3/95 | (55000-588) Three channel input/output unit complete with isolator
  • F/CHIS/95 | (55000-720) XP95 isolator less base
  • F/CHIS/95/DB | (45681-284) Short circuit isolator with detector base
  • F/CHSN/95 | (55000-852) Sounder circuit controller complete with isolator
  • F/CHSW/95 | (55000-843) Switch monitor complete with
  • F/CHZM/95 | (55000-845) Zone monitoring unit complete with isolator