Apollo Discovery – Sounders and Visual Indicators

Product Code: F/CHWB/BN/DISC/A

Addressable EN54 180g EEA
System  Approval Weight  Conformity

The Discovery Open-Area Sounder Visual Indicator makes full use of the Discovery protocol and has been designed for use in indoor and open areas. When the fire system is being commissioned a ‘Magnetic Wand’ can
be used to adjust and test each sounder locally.

For further information on each unique device, please download the Datasheet.

Discovery Range Features

  • Rejection of transient signals
  • Flashing LED option
  • Five response modes for ease of optimisation to changing environments
  • Drift compensation for constant sensitivity
  • 360° visibility in alarm
  • Compatible when used on a system with XP95 devices

Discovery Sounder and Visual Indicator Features

  • 15 tone pairs
  • Individual control of the sounder and visual indicator
  • Volume and tone settings can be selected from the control panel
  • Tones can be used for other purposes in addition to warning of fire, making the device ideal for use in schools for example
  • Soft start option, which is ideal for hospitals and nursing homes
  • Group and global control for increased response time
We have portrayed the most commonly used Discovery devices here – yet for further options please contact our sales department on 0845 884 7000