Apollo Discovery – Detectors

Product Code: F/CHSM/

Addressable EN54 Various EEA
System  Approval Weight  Conformity

The Apollo Discovery Detectors are a range of high-specification, intelligent fire detectors that are developed to meet the requirements of sophisticated systems; whilst providing engineers with an additional dimension in fire protection capability.

Discovery gives you total reassurance in installations where adaptability to changing conditions and protection against unwanted alarms are paramount.

For further information on each unique device, please download the Datasheet.

Discovery Range Features

  • Rejection of transient signals
  • Flashing LED option
  • Five response modes for ease of optimisation to changing environments
  • Drift compensation for constant sensitivity
  • 360° visibility in alarm
  • Compatible when used on a system with XP95 devices
  • F/CHSM/P/DISC | (58000-600) Discovery optical detector less base
  • F/CHHM/DISC | (58000-400) Discovery heat monitor less base
  • F/CHSM/A/DISC | (58000-500) Discovery ionisation detector less base
  • F/CHSM/M/DISC | (58000-700) Discovery smoke/heat detector less base

We have portrayed the most commonly used Discovery devices here – yet for further options please contact our sales department on 0845 884 7000