Firewatch Panels – FW9004

Product Code: F/FW9004/

Addressable EN54 4.5Kg Not Included
System  Approval Weights  Batteries

The multi-protocol Firewatch 9004 range of fire alarm control panels has been developed to be the most time efficient fire panel on the market to install.

The panel’s large graphical display provides a clear menu structure making the whole initial set-up process quick, clear and intuitive. Additionally, programming the control panel couldn’t be easier. Complex confi guration
can be achieved by using either the panel’s mobile phone style key pad or by using the Windows PC programming tool supplied with the panel. The flexible PC programming tool also allows text messages for devices or zones to be imported from an Excel spread sheet, saving further time. Supporting the industries leading protocols; Apollo XP95, Apollo Discovery and Hochiki

This feature allows fire detection devices to be independently selected based on performance or aesthetic appeal.

  • Compatible protocols – Apollo XP95, Discovery, Hochiki ESP
  • Protocol selection is software driven internally within the panel so no additional hardware required
  • 1,2 and 4 loop panels available
  • Networkable up to 16 loops
  • Optional 40 or 80 zone alarm LEDs
  • Easy 5 key-press set-up / Large blue LCD display
  • Supports USB upload/download
  • Mobile phone style keypad and navigation keys
  • True peer-to-peer network reduces installation costs
  • BS5839 part 1 compliant network
  • 80 fire zones / 7 day timers / Event logging / On board diagnostics
  •  Coincidence and verification detection for false alarm management
  • Sensitivity adjustment e.g. between day and night
  • 2 independent sounder circuits / 500mA Universal Loop Driver
  • 2x on board monitored inputs / Plug-in connectors

  • F/FW9004/1 | 1 loop DXc control panel (no zone LEDs) 230V AC, 2 sounder circuits (requires 2 x B/12V/7AH/SLA)
  • F/FW9004/2 | 2 loop DXc control panel (no zone LEDs) 230V AC, 2 sounder circuits (requires 2 x B/12V/7AH/SLA)
  • F/FW9004/4 | 4 Loop DXc control panel (no zone LEDs) 230V AC, 2 sounder circuits (requires 2 x B/12V/12AH/SLA)


  • B/12V/7AH/SLA |  12 Volt 7Ah sealed lead acid battery (1 block)
  • B/12V/12AH/SLA | 12 Volt 12Ah sealed lead acid battery (1 block)


  • F/FW9004/40Z | DXc 40 zone LED Card
  • F/FW9004/80Z | DXc 80 zone LED card
  • F/FW9004/NCC | DXc Network Card
  • F/FW9004/232 | DXc RS232 Card
  • F/FW9004/485 | DXc RS485 Card
  • F/FW9004/EBC | DXc blank cover for extension box
  • F/FW9004/EB | DXc extension backbox — to allow up 17Ah batteries for 1 loop panel
  • F/FW9004/KSP | DXc plate to allow up to 4 keyswitches
  • F/FW9004/KS | Keyswitch kit max 4 per panel
  • F/FW9004/BEZ/1 | Bezel kit for FW9004 1 loop
  • F/FW9004/BEZ/4 | Bezel kit for FW9004 2/4 loop
  • F/FW9004/BEZ/1/EXT | Bezel kit extension for FW9004 1 loop + ext
  • F/FW9004/BEZ/EXT/4 | Bezel kit extension for FW9004 2/4 loop + ext
  • F/FW9004/UL/DL | DXc USB upload/download lead
The Firewatch FW9003 Fire Alarm Panels are compatible with the following protocol:-