Door Entry Systems – ENTRitech Hand Held Programmer

Product Code: D/ENT/EPX10-HP

1 Year Included Easy Recycle
Product Warranty  Power Supply Installation  WEEE Directive

Access control offers a secure, convenient, flexible and cost effective way of controlling who has access to your building and when that access is allowed. Access control gives organisations the security they need.

The ENTRitech door access system range offers simple, versatile and cost effective kit solutions for your convenience. 

The ENTRitech Hand Held Programmer is designed for use alongside the Proximity Reader (D/ENT/EPX10) and can be used with the complete range of ENTRitech door access control systems.

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Designed for use alongside the Entritech Proximity Reader (D/ENT/EPX10).
There are a variety of accessories to choose from to add to your Door Access System Installation:-

  • D/ENT/DA/KP/1 | Stainless steel door access keypad
  • D/ENT/EPX10 | Standalone proximity reader
  • D/ENT/KT10-B | Blue proximity tag
  • D/ENT/STD-PCPS | Proximity card
  • D/ENT/EPX10-HP | Hand held programmer for use with proximity reader

Exit Buttons:-

  • D/ENT/SS/EB | Stainless steel exit button
  • D/ENT/WH/ED | White exit button
  • D/ENT/RIM | Rim type 12V DC fail secure rim release


  • D/ENT/MORTICE/FL | Dead bolt mortice type 12 DC fail secure – FLUSH only
  • D/ENT/PSU | 12V DC 1amp PSU
  • D/ENT/EDR | Green emergency door release unit
  • D/ENT/MAG | 600lbs magnetic door lock
  • D/ENT/MAG/MON | 600lbs magnetic door lock – MONITORED
  • D/ENT/MAG/BRACKET | Z&L Bracket for magnetic locks

Power Supplies:-

  • D/ENT/PSU/12V/2A | 12Vdc 2Amp boxed power supply
  • B/12V/1.2AH/SLA | 12 Volt 1.2Ah sealed lead acid battery (1 block)
  • D/ENT/AUDIO/PSU | 12V 1.5Amp dual output power supply (no battery back up)