Types of LED lights for residential customers

With the LED being a viable solution to higher energy bills and upfront costs it is important for Contractors to be eductaing customers on LED lights.

70% of total commercial electricity costs can be attributed to lighting and as the costs of LED lights are at an all-time low,  there are better margins to be made for everyone within the industry and it also means customers get the best possible solution for their lighting requirements.

The LED has many benefits that should be highlighted to customers during a site survey;

  • Reduced air conditioning costs as LED lights have a lower heat output
  • LED lights last longer than conventional lighting
  • Create less waste and more easily recycled components
  • Cost saving over a longer period of time
  • Popular LED products such as the 600mm x 600mm panels offer a reduction in the number of fittings needed — up to as much as 20%

The LED pros outweigh the cons when it comes to choosing efficient, cost effective lighting solutions for commercial or residential properties.