Christmas Fire Safety Tips

With Christmas fast approaching we don’t want you to forget these fundamental safety tips for your homes whilst you’re rushing around buying presents, food shopping and seeing relatives. So, keep safe and keep checking your fire alarms so you don’t increase the risk of fire….

  1. Christmas Lights
    – Never overload sockets check the wattage of each individual appliance so you never exceed the safety limit or use an RCD (Residual current device).
    – Never leave your lights on overnight or when you leave the house.
    – Replace old bulbs or buy a new set of LED Christmas lights.
  2. Candles
    – Never leave candles unattended
    – Don’t place candles close to Christmas Cards, Paper decorations or anything flammable
  3. Open Fire
    Nothing more cosy then an open fire at Christmas
    – Keep Decorations on the Mantel to a bare minimum
    – Use a fire guard
    – Don’t hang your stockings whilst the fire is burning
    – Don’t leave your presents or Christmas tree to close to the fire
  4. Cooking Christmas Dinner
    – Don’t leave your cooking unattended
    – Try keeping children and pets away from the kitchen
    – Make sure you have a fire blanket ready in the kitchen


Remember to check your fire alarms through the festive holiday!