Solo 822 & 823 Smoke Cordless Heat Kit

Solo 822 & 823 Smoke Cordless Heat Kit Product Code: F/CH/SOLO/8

A universal set for testing and removing smoke and heat detectors up to 6m or 9m high.

Kit Includes all of the following:

  • Solo 100 Fibreglass Telescopic Extension Pole
  • Solo 200 Universal Removal Tool
  • Solo 330 Aerosol Smoke Dispenser
  • Solo 461 Cordless Heat Detector Tester
  • Solo 610 Protective Carrying/Storage Bag
  • Solo A3 Smoke Detector Tester Aerosol 250ml


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Product Code Description
S/CH/1028-001 Aerosol retaining cup
F/CH/SPARE1005 Silcone membrane for test cup
Product Code Description
F/CH/SOLO/822 Smoke/cordless heat kit 6m for testing
F/CH/SOLO/823 Smoke/cordless heat kit 9m for testing
  • Solo Test Equipment Datasheet
    Solo Test Equipment Datasheet
Product Code Description
F/CH/SOLO Solo Aerosol Testers
F/CH/SOLO/200 Solo 200 Removal Tool
F/CH/SOLO/330 Solo 330 Smoke Dispenser
F/CH/SOLO/423 Solo 423 Mains Heat Tester (110V)
F/CH/SOLO/424 Solo 424 No Climbs Mains Heat Tester (220V)
F/CH/SOLO/460 Solo 460 Cordless Heat Detector Unit Only
F/CH/SOLO/461 Solo 461 Cordless Heat Detector Tester
F/CH/SOLO/610 Solo 610 Protective Carry Bag
F/CH/SOLO/725 Solo 725 Battery Charger
F/CH/SOLO/760 Solo 760 Battery Baton
F/CH/SOLO/808 Solo 808 Smoke Detector Tester Starter Pack
F/CH/SOLO/809 Solo 809 Smoke Detector Test Starter Pack
F/CH/SOLO/810 Solo 810 Starter Kit for Testing Smoke Detectors
F/CH/SOLO/811 Solo 811 Smoke Kit for Testing and Removing
F/CH/SOLO/812 Solo 812 Smoke Kit for Testing and Removal
F/CH/SOLO/814 Solo 814 Smoke and Mains Heat Kit