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Quantec Nurse Call

Designed in conjunction with a prestigious NHS Trust, the Quantec nurse call system is widely regarded as the leading light in the provision of high-intensity dementia care.

Product code: N/QT601-2

Quantec Display Units

The Display Units indicate incoming calls to the system with the highest priority calls displayed first and a message to notify staff how many calls are waiting.

Product code: N/QT608C

Quantec Network Splitter

The N/QT603 network splitter is a requirement for a Quantec installation. It allows for fused distribution, creating ‘limbs’ of devices from the main panel.

Product code: N/QT603

Quantec Call Points & Magnetic Units

Quantec’s call points have two buttons, a red/green confidence light and (depending on the version purchased) a remote socket for connecting ancillary devices such as tail call leads.

Product code: N/QT60

Quantec Door Monitoring Station

The Monitoring points can be used to monitor any device with a open or closed switch.

Product code: N/QT604

Quantec Over Door Light

The Quantec Over Door Light can be used to increase the call indication levels of the system.

Product code: N/QT606

Quantec Addressable Sounder

Designed to increase call indication levels in large sites.

Product code: N/QT688

Quantec Ceiling Pull Unit

The N/QT607 ceiling pull generates a standard level call when a resident ‘pulls’ the cord, these are most commonly used in bathrooms.

Product code: N/QT607

Quantec Radio Receiver and Aerial

Radio receivers are designed for use with Quantec’s dual action infrared/radio transmitter.

Product code: N/QT422RX

Quantec Dual Action Transmitter

Quantec’s rechargeable dual-action infrared/radio transmitter has a typical infrared transmitting range of 10m (line of sight) and a typical radio transmitting range of around 60m.

Product code: N/QT412RXA
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